Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert To Open A Bed And Breakfast?

Would you like to stay with Mr. & Mrs. Shelton?

As if country music's power couple is not busy enough these days, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announce that they will open a brand new Bed and Breakfast in their hometown of Tishomingo, Oklahoma later this year.


Rumors had surfaced last year that the two might get into the B&B business after they bought a building directly across the street from Miranda's very successful Pink Pistol store for $180,000.  Now, “Life & Style” is quoting an insider from Tishomingo who says it’s a done deal and that they "should be done with it by this fall” adding,  “They've been working nonstop on it.”


Miranda's fans already travel into town to shop at the Pink Pistol, so this may be an opportunity for more visitors to visit and stay overnight. And did you know that Ms. Miranda has not one, but TWO Pink Pistols? The flagship store is in Tishomingo, but she’s also got a location in her hometown of Lindale, Texas.


  • FAST FACTS: The Pink Pistol is a very unique store inspired by Miranda. The store was created as a hobby and a way to promote business in her hometown. Since opening the little town has grown and is showing great signs of more! But it’s because of this, that she doesn’t want to do online ordering or website ordering of her merchandise. The experience to come and see her vision and her personality at the store is well worth the road trip! In one word, the store is an “experience.” Find out more at