Blake Shelton Confirms His Wife Got In A Fight With Another Celebrity?

Miranda fought with WHO?!

There's been a rumor floating around for some time that Miranda Lambert once got into a brawl with Nickelback's Chad KroegerGuess what - it's TRUE! Miranda's husband,  Blake Shelton has confirmed it and says everything went down during her 27th birthday party back in 2010. Miranda was celebrating at Winners Bar in Nashville and refused to do shots with Kroeger who kept insisting.  A witness who was there says, "Miranda said no."  At that point, Kroeger, according to the witness responded, "She didn't have to be a bitch about it."  What'd she do? According to the source: "Miranda tossed a drink in his face."  Blake Shelton, standing nearby, reportedly started to jump in but was restrained.

One word: Cool!

Source: Nashville Gab