Blake Shelton Wants To “Mop The Floor” with “Voice” Judges

Shelton has his mind set on winning season seven of “The Voice”

Blake Shelton is busy juggling touring with his responsibilities on NBC’s “The Voice,” but that doesn’t mean he’s any less focused on his goal for season seven. "I mean, let's not beat around the bush. I am looking forward to mopping the floor with the other three coaches' a**es," he told “Access Hollywood.” He added, "I do want to win real damn bad. I thought there after season 4 – I had won three seasons in a row – we thought that I had them all from there on out.” 

The new season brings new judges -- this time Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams -- and Blake says Gwen is already fitting right in. "[Gwen] is not like any other girl I have ever been around. She is just one of the guys. There [are] times I say something that maybe something you may not want to say around a girl, and [it] doesn't phase her. And I like that about her because with Christina [Aguilera] and Shakira, there were times when I offended them.” He then added, "I have yet to offend Gwen though." 

As for Pharrell, Blake says he seems to be more in touch with the contestants’ feelings. "Pharrell has talked some people off the ledge several times during these blind auditions. I mean, people who are upset, they didn't make it – he knows the exact right thing to say to people to make them feel [better]. People will walk off that stage, not even having made the show, and feeling like they won. "  

Source: Access Hollywood