Brad Paisley Opens Up About New Album

The Bottom Line:

Paisley discuses upcoming “Moonshine in the Trunk” release

Brad Paisley’s new album “Moonshine in the Trunk” comes out August 26th, and while he’s worried about how his fans will react, he already has the seal of approval from two of the most important people in his life, his sons.

"Huck and Jasper are great critics,” he told “Billboard.”  “They have good perspective and they know what they like.  They don't like ballads so this is the album for them because there's only about three on here out of 13 songs."

Paisley’s “CMA Awards” co-host Carrie Underwood is featured on the song “High Life,” which sounds like it’s going to be a fun one. "We were in the middle of this wacky, crazy story about a family that absolutely sees the potential in any situation.  These are optimists these people in this story, the litigious family.  They see opportunity everywhere.  Other people may see disaster and these people see opportunity,” he said.  “It was fun to bring Carrie in.  I mean we are singing about her in the last verse and she's a good sport.  I didn't know what she'd say when I sent her the verse because it's talking about suing her butt, but I think it will be fun to see what people think of this.  I think they're going to crack up."

And believe it or not, Paisley even finished one of the album’s songs, “Me and Jesus,” while traveling to Afghanistan on Air Force One with President Obama. As “Billboard” points out, it was probably the only song ever mixed on the plane.   “Yeah, that’s got to be true, unless George W. was cutting music on there that I’m not aware of,” he said. “I cut the track the day before we left. It was 13 hours over and 16 back, plenty of time to mix the record. I had all the files and opened up the computer and thought, ‘I’ll get to work on this.’ It didn’t take too long. It’s only my voice and a guitar. It was mixed somewhere over the Black Sea.”


Source: Billboard