Brad Paisley Says Rising Star Was More Fun Than Expected

"Rising Star" names a champ; Brad is ready for more

The season finale of "Rising Star" wrapped up last night on ABC and Brad Paisley admitted the show "is ten times more fun than I ever expected.  I love it."




For now, there is no indication the show will be renewed for a second year due to not-so-hot ratings that went into a steady decline.  Still, Brad is hoping for a redux. "I hope we come back,” he explains. “I think that we would be starting from a really good place next time because we've figured it out.  Also talent...the second season, talent starts to crawl out like cockroaches…out of the woodwork."



Paisley also told "Country Vibe" that he loved his fellow judges, Ludacris and Kesha, and that he built on his friendship with host, Josh Groban.  "I love the experience of it, having a good time on TV,” Brad offers. “We got to show some personality and getting to be friends in front of the world." Someone else getting crack at the world? Jessie Kinch – a softspoken bluesman who’s singing voice exploded as the lights went up. If Jessie become a hit….chances are the show will become one as well.


Source: Country Vibe