Brad Paisley Wears More Than A Singing Hat

Brad switching his singer hat...for a producing one?

Brad Paisley is a man of many talents.  These days he finds himself playing the role of producer and actor while he's on tour.

Last month, Paisley boarded Air Force One with the President and gave a surprise acoustic performance to the troops in Afghanistan.  He took plenty of video himself and is looking to do more of the same on his tour. Of course, if you've been to one of his shows, you know that Paisley fans are treated to videos on a giant screen behind our boy, who played a role in conceiving and shooting the videos. 

"It's like, bring that album to life," he explains.  "You've got 200,000 people watching a screen.  It's fun for me to have a hand in what goes up there, because that's the other aspect of making these things better than they ever were when they were just on a record."  Speaking of "record" look for Brad to be playing a dumbed-down version of himself in the Kraft Cheese commercials that are airing and gleefully admits, "I like anything in which I'm being the idiot."Source: Rolling Stone Country