Carrie Underwood Crushes It

Underwood helps Brad Paisley promote “Crushin’ It.”

Brad Paisley wants videos from his fans showing how they like to "crush it" to help promote his new song, "Crushin' It,” and Carrie Underwood couldn't resist joining in.  Like other fans, Underwood sent Brad her video, in which she showed that she can crush a can on her forehead with the best of them.  

Of course, there were some Internet haters who took issue with Carrie's new skill set.   One posted, "She switched cans and someone else crushed a can when she slammed it to her forehead.  She would have had a red mark on her forehead if she had really done that.  I hate fake people and Carrie Underwood is fake." Another posted, "looks she swapped to a crushed can when her hand left the frame.  I'm calling BS."

There was another, however, that stood up for Carrie and explained,  "It's a joke.”

Don't be surprised to see Carrie address the issue when she co-hosts the 47th annual "CMA Awards" show with Paisley November 6th.

Source: Nashville Gab