Chris Young Hand Injury Is Healing

Young is healing

Chris Young is no longer wearing a sling that he's had on for several weeks, since he severely cut his hand with a kitchen knife and had to undergo surgery to repair tendons in his left hand.  Young has two months left of physical therapy and he no longer takes his health for granted.  "I'm glad I can pick stuff up and open things and use two hands," says Chris. "You really take [things] for opening a water bottle."


It's been a funky year for Chris, who also endured a life-threatening staph infection in his leg that landed him in the ICU for seven days, while the knife injury nearly cost him two fingers.  Through all the setbacks and recovery, he's keeping his sense of humor joking, "It's like once every twelve months I try to kill myself."


He outta quit that - Chris just celebrated another #1 song, "Who I Am With You," and continues to tour.  And heal. We hope.


Source: Country Vibe