Dierks Bentley Now Sees Wisdom In Getting "Drunk"  

Bentley says he's glad fans are getting "Drunk On A Plane"

Dierks Bentley admits he wouldn't have picked "Drunk on a Plane" as his latest single.  He tells CMT.com he tends to prefer "all the sadder and heavier songs," so "Plane" wasn't exactly what he had in mind as the follow up to the more serious "I Hold On." 

But Bentley says he's now glad he followed the advice of his label execs.  The singer calls "Plane" a "great song for the summer," and says he loves singing it at shows.  Dierks adds that he sees the wisdom of alternating deeper songs with lighter fare, because "you gotta give your fans a chance to recover from the heavier stuff." And they probably do it wearing little white tank tops, right Dierks?

Both "I Hold On" and "Drunk on a Plane" are from Bentley's most recent album "Riser."  As you probably know, he's is currently on the road in support of the CD - his next stop? Portland, Maine tonight.