Dolly Clears Up The Tattoo Question On "Today"

Parton laughs with "Today" about one of the biggest rumors about her

Dolly Parton is putting an end to the mystery surrounding her signature long sleeves.  On yesterday's "Today" show, Parton denied the rumors that she's been hiding a love for getting tattoos and laughed off the idea that she was secretly inked up. She also joked that the few tattoos she does have are "not where you can see" and "mostly for [her] husband." 

Dolly released her latest album "Blue Smoke" yesterday, and she's booked for a string of dates in the U.S. starting later this month at the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa.  The new release will feature her collaborations "You Can't Make Old Friends" with Kenny Rogers and "From Here To The Moon And Back" with Willie Nelson. 

"Blue Smoke" is Dolly's 42nd studio album.  The singer told Savannah Guthrie on the NBC morning show that she still thinks about reviews, only with the hope that people are enjoying her music.  She joked about the changes in the industry since she started four decades ago, and said she's on Twitter after having been "dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century."