Eric Church Tackles Scalpers

Church takes on scalpers head on


Eric Church is at war: with ticket scalpers.  At his recent concert in Minneapolis, Church took the folks on who jack up ticket prices head on. After seeing big blocks of tickets get snapped up by scalpers and hearing fans complain - Church swung into action.


In a press release concerning Church's upcoming September show in Minneapolis, he canceled the original ticket purchases and put the seats back in the system. "A lot of acts just want to sell as many tickets as they can," he said. "They don't care who they sell them to.  I want my fans to be the ones who buy tickets to my shows, and I want scalpers to back off.  I can't stop ticket scalpers completely, but I can definitely make it harder for them." The rerelease of the tickets allowed fans to go to the show now with reasonable priced tickets at $57 a crack for lower bowl seating.