Florida Georgia Line Has An Itch For Tattoos

FGL's Brian & Tyler talk tats

Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line have come clean.  While the pair fell short of admitting that they have an addiction to ink, Hubbard admits, "Its called the itch." Hubbard also shares that the two of them may add more ink.  "If it's a special occasion, we might get a tattoo."

A special occasion may mean having a chance to get a new tattoo from an acclaimed artist like Kat Von D, who he was thrilled about meeting during the spring. "She was available and wanted to do a portrait for me," Tyler explains. "It was something special for me.  Every tattoo that I think Kelley and myself have, has a meaning to it."  Hubbard has posted a picture of his Kat Von D ink on Instagram...it's a portrait of his late father on his right arm.

In the meantime, FGL's new single, "Dirt," is getting off to a strong start.  Within 12 hours of its release, U.S. sales of "Dirt" topped the 65-thousand mark, and the song soared to the top of the iTunes charts in this country as well as in Canada and Australia.  The song is the lead-off single to Florida Georgia Line's next album.  The follow up to their 2012 debut "Here's To The Good Times" is expected this fall

Source: CMT