Florida Georgia Line: Music and FASHION Stars?

FGL planning a "lifestyle" brand

The Florida Georgia Clothing Line Is Coming

Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line are going to take something they've been saying for awhile and turn it into a clothing line.


The duo's #cantaffordnotto has gotten a lot of viral attention. "That's just a saying that we've all said,” Hubbard explains. “B-K and myself and kind of our whole camp and crew.  It just became popular among our friends.” Brian and Tyler have plans to start their own line, which they’ve dubbed, “Can't Afford Not To.” 


If you're wondering where you might buy the new apparel, Hubbard says, "We're going to start a website.  We'll see what happens." As for the inspiration, Brian notes, ““For example…party when it’s not your birthday, you can’t afford not to.” There's no word yet on what type of clothing or website Florida Georgia Line will offer, but details will be coming soon.