Florida Georgia Line’s Album Tease

FGL give us a sneak peak at their upcoming album.

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line are currently hard at work on their next album, and allowed “Rolling Stone Country” to get a sneak peak at what fans can expect.

Kelley says one song, "Sun Daze," was written in a bit of an unconventional way.  "I woke up that morning and literally wrote that in my phone,” he said.   The song reportedly sounds like a summer smash for the duo.

Other top single contenders include the rapid fire "You Ain't Even Gone" and "Smile,” which has a dance beat.  One other tune that stood out was "Smoke," which gives off a little bonfire nostalgia.

Despite the huge success of the duo's first album, "Here's To The Good Times," Hubbard says they are feeling no pressure with their sophomore effort.   "We like to relax and enjoy the moment we're in,” he says. “ Pressure leads to a whole lot of other stuff we don't care for."

The duo also addressed the criticism that comes with being a big part of the bro-country movement.  "People always want to know if we're offended by it.  No," Hubbard said.   He also pointed out, "It is what it is and it's selling tickets.  If this is bro-country then we love it."

Source: Rolling Stone Country