Garth Brooks Adds More Shows

After ticket issues in Atlanta, Garth adds two shows.

Considering Garth Brooks is hitting the road for the first time in years it’s no surprise that tickets to his concert are a hot item.


Well, fans trying to get tickets for his three Atlanta concerts last week found out just how hot they are, encountering extremely long waits on Ticketmaster and now Garth is doing his best to make up for that, adding two more Atlanta shows, September 20th and 21st, which will go on sale tomorrow.


Garth admitted to the “Athens-Banner Herald” that they were not “prepared” for the long waits that occurred with the on-sale, but insists, “We’re going to do it right next time and I don’t know why it’s taking so long for anything to happen.” Garth also admitted that scalping is already becoming a huge problem with his shows.


“Ticketmaster’s scalper screening system is a wonderful idea,” Brooks said in a press statement. “With that said, all I saw were tickets on every scalping site and the people that just wanted to come to the show could not get in. The folks at Ticketmaster were totally devoted to achieving our mutual goal … that the on sale this Saturday runs faster and creates an easier process for people who want to come to the show.”