Keith Urban Is Enjoying His "Idol" Experience

Urban Is Enjoying This Season's Judging Panel

If you're an "American Idol" fan, you may have noticed that there's not too much by way of nastiness as with previous collections of judges (the Nikki Minaj/Mariah Carey debacle anyone?) Keith Urban says he thinks he, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick, Jr. make a good judges' panel on "American Idol."  Urban says that while each judge has their own distinctive style, everything blends together well. 

Urban explains that the way they each give feedback mirrors how they were critiqued when they were starting out.  He adds that their varying deliveries balance one another out.  Speaking of balance, the finalists got to come full circle last night - they each performed the songs they sang at their initial "Idol" audition.  Who made the cut? Find out tonight when the show airs on FOX at 8pm ET.