Keith Urban's Tour is a Family Affair

Keith Urban taking the family with him on the road.

Keith Urban launched his new U.S. tour this week and he's taking the family with him.  When at all possible, the superstar brings wife Nicole Kidman and his two girls, Sunday and Faith,  on the road.  Urban told "Rolling Stone Country" there are times the family won't come along but, "I tour in such a short sporadic way that I'm only gone three days and then fly home again."

Urban also has a West Coast option too.  When he plays near the Pacific Ocean, the entire family will relocate to their Los Angeles home and he'll fly there after concerts in that region.

As far as the new tour's concerned, Keith admits, "I'm trying to put on better shows, put a better set list together, know how to talk to a crowd better, take a crowd on a journey, all of it.  It's a lifetime journey of learning." 

The Keith Urban "Raise 'Em Up Tour" hits Harrington, Delaware tonight. The trek ends September 13th at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup.  

Source: Rolling Stone