Kenny Chesney Gets Closer To "The Big Revival"

Chesney readies his "Revival"

The new album cover art for Kenny Chesney's latest album, "The Big Revival," was unveiled yesterday on his official Twitter and Facebook.  It's the same "American Kids" bus used to promote the current single – which also appears in the music video.


Unlike his previous releases, this one doesn’t include Kenny’s handsome mug. Instead, the artwork revives hippie imagery from the 60's using a burst of yellow, blue, orange and green paint to color the old school bus.  A bike sits atop...and a conga drum, surfboard and old stand up bass are featured prominently around the bus.


Kenny says he wanted something "unexpected" and added, "That was the thing about that bus, it was so far beyond coloring outside the lines, yet what is more common than a school bus?"  "The Big Revival" album is ride September 23rd. 


Source: Music Times