The Band Perry lead singer Kimberly Perry is impossible to surprise. In an interview with CMT Radio Live’s Cody Alan, Perry said she even spoiled her surprise engagement from her fiancé J.P. Arencibia of the Texas Rangers.

"I knew it was coming soon,” she said of the engagement at the Perry family home in Tennessee I could tell that the family started to act funny the second half of the day." Brother and bandmate Reid Perry chimed in adding, "She was prying a little. I mean, she doesn't let surprises happen." So how did Kimberly figure it out? She’s sneaky and smart! "He told me he that he was gonna be on a plane, and he was coming to Greenville," she said. "We were gonna pick him up at ... and I just didn't quite buy it. So I sent him a text message ... and when it goes through blue, I knew the phone was on, and I was like, 'Ah, this is happening tonight!'"

Regardless of the lack of total surprise, Kimberly said yes and the couple is hoping to tie the knot this summer.