New Music Is Close For Little Big Town

LBT Fans Rejoice! New Music Is Almost Here!

Little Big Town has been in the recording studio for a long while now with producer Jay Joyce as they work on their new project - the follow up the group's platinum-selling record "Tornado." But if you're getting impatient, LBT's Kimberly Schlapman wants you to be patient because it's "this close."  "I am so excited I can hardly stand it," she offers. "It's going to be great, I think...if you ask me."

What's it sound like?  According to Kimberly, it sounds "familiar" but is "a little bit of an evolution into what could happen next."  Of course, the group has always written a lot of their own material, but with the smash hit, "Pontoon" she admits that they didn't have to write all of this record themselves - and that some of Nashville's best songwriters gladly handed over their best songs to the group.

Expect to hear some of the new tunes by the time LBT hits the CMA Music Festival in early June.