News Toby Keith Doesn't "Love" In Upstate New York

Toby Keith's New York I Love This Bar & Grill may be in trouble

Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill may be in trouble – at least, that may be case for the franchise located in Syracuse, New York.


In case you missed it, “Forbes” magazine reports that according to a warrant that’s been issued in New York State, the franchise owes $189,000 in sales taxes from 2013. There have been rumors that the bar and eatery has been struggling almost since the day it opened in 2013, but management denies any hint of plans to close the location down.  And by the by – it bears mentioning that Toby doesn't own this restaurant or any of the others in the chain – he just has a licensing agreement that allows the use of his name. 


This issue only affects the Syracuse location and none of the other 14 I Love This Bar & Grill locations scattered across the country.  The chain's site at the Tucson Mall in Arizona shut down in March after being open for just 14 months, according to the Arizona Daily Star. The restaurant was behind on a lease agreement that required it to pay more than $77,000 a month in rent. There are five more I Love This Bar & Grills still scheduled to be opened to the 15 already in operation.