Paging Mayor McGraw…or Senator?

Tim ponders a career in politics

There have been rumors about Tim McGraw taking a run at politics a number of times over the years…and guess what – they might be true!  Tim says that he’d seriously consider such a move if the right time ever presented itself and notes that his biggest motivation is that he’s been so fortunate his career, and really give back.


One thing though – Tim is clear that if he ever does decide to get into politics, he’ “got a lot more learning to do.”.


“I’d have to be a lot more educated,” Tim explains. “And learn a lot more things about policies and things like that.”  The good news – for country fans? Tim is focused on his music career for the moment and promoting his latest single, “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s House,” which will be on his new album, “Sundown Heaven Town,” being released on September 16th.