Taylor Swift Is An Instagram Stalker


Watch your feed - T-Swift might be, too!

Love Taylor Swift? Wish you could speak with her? You can. Sort of.  Not only does T-Swift actively maintain her own Twitter and Facebook pages, but she actually pays attention to her fans – and will reply to their posts, too!  She’s been turning up on Facebook, Twitter AND Instagram with likes AND comments on her fans’ posts – from the ridiculous to the sublime. Like what?


  • When one Swiftie posted a picture of a pepperoni pizza, Taylor noted, "I want dis."
  • On a more poignant note, She also took the time to tell another fan, "You are so incredibly beautiful and I wish you knew it."  And she closed her note to the insecure fan with, "Night love."


Next time you post something online...double check to see who's hitting your “like” button.  You never know who it might be. 


Source: Taste of Country