Taylor Swift Opens Up About Her Longest Relationship…Guess Who?

Swift discusses her close friendship with Selena Gomez

Gossip pages have tried to claim they are feuding, but Taylor Swift insists she and Selena Gomez are still the best of friends. In fact, Taylor tells E! news, “It’s been the longest one I think either of us have had really.” Well, that's not surprising.

Taylor explains that it has been Selena who has always been there for her throughout the many stages of her career. “When your life changes and you become thrust into this really strange whirlwind where what your life is different from what other people think your life is,” she said, adding that there's something about having your life commented on "and fictionalized."  "Both of us have kind of stuck it out," she noted. "[We've] hung in there through all the different changes.”

T-Swift also said that “longevity is something...very precious and rare in friendships.” And something she has no idea about when it comes to men. Oh well…can't win 'em all.