The New Album From Eric Paslay Is Out


Photo by Beth Gwinn/WireImage 

Eric Paslay debut album was released this week and of course the 30-year-old Texas native is a little excited.  But he admits that he did not always have a goal of wanting to be a hit artist. 

Paslay has to deal with a bit more than his country peers as he has Type 1 diabetes, and as a teenager he "was kinda flirting" with the idea that he might want to be a pediatric endocrinologist so that he could have a hand helping others who live with the disease.  Somewhere along his journey, music found Eric as he went to college at Middle Tennessee State University in Nashville and studied the music business. 

Eric is probably happy he chose music as he's already had great songwriting success writing "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" for Jake Owen, and "Even If It Breaks Your Hear" for the Eli Young Band to name two.  Eric says his self titled debut album "taught me not to be afraid of me".  Judging by his hit "Friday Night" which is featured on the album...don't look for Eric to be an endocrinologist any time soon.