The Top 5 Google Searches During The ACM Show

What Were People Looking For During The ACMs?

Country music fans weren't just watching the ACM show on CBS Sunday night in Las Vegas.  Many were googling away at the same time.

Here at the top 5 searches.

5. George Strait.  Over and over and over again.  And lots of fans Googled, "how old is George Strait"?  The answer is 61.4. Tim and Faith.  There had been tabloid rumors about their marriage not being rock solid...but during the show they looked very much in love.  Fans were curious.

3.  Luke Bryan's Wife.  Fans wanted to know her name.  It's Caroline...and she's gorgeous.

2. I Drive Your Truck.  After winning Song of the Year for artist Lee Brice and the three songwriters...curious fans wanted to hear the entire song after Lee only sang a small part of it during the show.

1. Jake Owen's Finger.  Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan reminded the audience that Jake Owen lost a finger.  Google blew up as fans wanted to see what it looked like.