Tim McGraw On The Big Business of Country Tours 

McGraw isn't surprised that country acts are selling out stadiums

When it comes to staging huge stadium tours, some people are surprised that country acts are in the mix, but not Tim McGraw. Aside from the fact that he's been able to do it for years, we all know that there are any number of other folks who are kicking butt and taking names (Kenny Chesney, George Strait anyone!?)

“I think that country music doesn’t get the credit, that a lot of times that it deserves," says Tim. "I mean, it’s been goin’ great for a long time but it’s havin’ such a great resurgence right now.”

Still, McGraw admits that that's a little blown away by the sheer number of tickets that country acts are selling - sometimes selling out stadiums two and three nights in a row. And often, those tickets are being purchased by 'non country' fans. What's the deal?  “I think it’s because there’s a realness to [the music]," he muses. "I think there’s an approachability to country music and I think that it’s sort of speaks to a large spectrum of people. It’s just connection. It’s a connection with people that country music has that, I think, that’s always been there but it seems to be just growin’ exponentially.”

Speaking of tours, as we've reported previously, Tim will launch his own new tour this spring to promote his new album, which is set to drop in May. If features his latest single, "Lookin For That Girl."