A cheeseburger is not as bad as smoking

When it comes to your health, what’s better – a cheeseburger or a cigarette? If you have a choice...choose the cheeseburger every time.  Smoking is still deadly.  Eating a cheeseburger...not so much.  The really good news is that deaths related to smoking are decreasing. The University of California dug into the news that a cheeseburger could be as harmful as cigarette smoking.  They attempted to find a cause-and-effect relationship of dietary protein and cancer...but failed to come up with anything. 

Bonus Info:

  • That's not to say that a constant diet of double cheeseburgers from McDonald's is good for your waistline.  Loosen your belt.  Here's the calorie count.
  • Despite statistics that there are 480,000 deaths yearly related to cigarette smoking...many still can't stop. 
  • Before switching to E-cigarettes...check out these facts.  You may want to choose the E-cheeseburger instead.