Are you sick and tired of leftovers crowding your fridge? You know, you say you’re gonna eat them, but in the end they just sit there and get moldy. Well, now there’s a solution that will free up your fridge, and feed someone else in the process.

The new app LeftoverSwap (currently available only for iPhones, although Android and web versions are in development) sets out to hook up neighbors so they can exchange extra food. 

Say you’ve had a party and you’ve made more lasagna than anybody on this earth could possibly consume.  You know you won’t finish all that food yourself, so instead, you just snap a picture, post it to the app, and interested parties nearby can take them off your hands.

Sure, there are some health issues that could be cause for concern.  Who knows if your neighbor properly washed their hands before cooking, or how long that potato salad sat out on a table during their party, but if you’re willing to take a chance, you may get a new meal out of it.   The leftovers don't cost any money, unless the parties privately make some sort of arrangement, and yes, you have to get the grub to the person, but it really will prevent that extra food from going to waste, which was the whole idea behind the app in the first place.