Did Jason Aldean Give Kane Brown A Boring Wedding Gift?

posted by Lauryn Snapp - 

Newlywed, Kane Brown recently opened up about married life and what he shared with Cody Alan made our day.

When we think of celebrity wedding gifts, we assume that their star-studded pals will deliver something lavishly expensive and probably impractical. We aren’t talking about a hand-me-down Gulfstream jet or a vintage platinum Patek Phillippe watch, but after all, we assume these gifts would be slightly more luxurious than your typical 6-piece baking sheet set. (We love a strong, baking sheet.)

For Kane and Katelyn Jae though, it was a blender from Jason Aldean and Brittany that stole the show! Kane was sure to note that it was a “high-tech” blender, but nonetheless a blender.

Watch their interview to discover what other humdrum gifts that they received that they “loved all of them.”

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