Americans Love Their Tax Refunds

While nobody loves tax time, there is at least one thing some people love about it – the refund.

A new survey finds:

  • 63% of people say they would rather get a tax refund than get more money in their check throughout the year (37%).
  • 31% say they like getting a refund because it helps them save money.
  • 74% of those surveyed got a refund last year, with the median amount being $2,154.

So, what is everyone doing with that tax refund?

  • 67% actually save some or all of it.
  • 25% use it to pay off credit card bills.
  • 16% go for the splurge, buying gifts or going on vacation.
  • 16% spend it on groceries.
  • 10% have invested it.
  • 3% use it to pay off student loans.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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