We Are Experiencing More Aches & Pains Since Quarantine Began

A lot of folks have been working from home ever since coronavirus shelter-in-place orders were put in place, and while it certainly has its benefits, there have definitely been some negative side effects, including added aches and pains. 

A new survey finds:

  • 25% of Americans say they’ve been dealing with increased aches and pains during quarantine.
  • 50% of people say doing less physical activity and walking has caused the added pains, while 40% blame it on sitting too much.
  • Other reasons for increased aches and pains during quarantine include:
    • Poor posture while working from home (36%)
    • Lack of support on my feet (34%)
    • Sleeping longer than usual (32%)
    • Not wearing shoes (30%)
    • Walking on hard surfaces barefoot (29%)
    • Sitting in an uncomfortable chair (27%)
    • Sleeping in a weird position (24%)
    • Change in location (18%)

Of course different people are experiencing different types of aches and pains. The most common include:

  • Back pain (48%)
  • Neck pain (34%)
  • Shoulder pain (29%)
  • Hip pain (29%)
  • Arch pain in the feet (29%)
  • Knee pain (28%)
  • Pain in the balls of the feet (24%)
  • Heel pain (19%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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