We Waste Over $500 Each Year On Bad Fruit

Americans are constantly trying to get healthier, and for many that means buying a lot of fruit, but whether they actually eat that fruit is a whole other story. 

A new survey finds:

  • The average American throws away $10 worth of fruit away, and wastes three pieces a week.
  • That translates to about $520 worth of fruit each year.
  • What’s more, 70% admit they don’t eat enough fruit, with 75% saying they don’t know how to incorporate more fruit into their diets. 
  • While it’s recommended that folks eat five servings of fruit a day, 25% of people underestimated that recommendation by two servings.
  • As for why folks aren’t getting in as much fruit as they should, answers include:
    • Not enough time (35%)
    • I forget (34%)
    • Too expensive (32%)
    • It always goes bad (29%)
    • I don’t like fruit (18%)

While there are a wide variety of great fruits out there, there are some that are considered healthier than others.

  • Those polled perceived the following fruits as the healthiest:
    • Apple (32%)
    • Banana (31%)
    • Orange (26%)
    • Pear (17%)
    • Lemon (16%)
    • Blueberries (15%)
    • Avocado (14%)
    • Pineapple (12%)
    • Grapefruit (12%)
    • Raspberries (11%) 

Source: SWNS Digital

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