The New Mexico State Fair Is Returning With A Complete Makeover

Visitors stroll across the annual funfai

The New Mexico state fairgrounds have been used as a COVID-19 base for testing and vaccinations for over a year now. But soon, it'll be spilling with "dirt and horses and all kinds of great stuff and fans from all over" again, reported KOAT 7.

Dan Mourning, Expo New Mexico General Manager, said:

"We are going to transition from pandemic response and helping the people of New Mexico that way and to helping the psyche and having the state fair. Get rid of that stuff and it is going to be full of dirt and horses and all kinds of great stuff and fans from all over."

Expo New Mexico is reopening, beginning with the flea market that returned last weekend.

Mourning said that there were lots of vendors and people as if the pandemic had never even happened at all.

There has been a makeover to the fairgrounds due to the pandemic.

Restrooms have been updated with touchless toilets, sinks, and hand dryers.

Many hand sanitizer stations have been put up all across the grounds along with large fans that "knock down" the virus.

Mourning explained, "They use ionization technology so when the fans are on it basically uses ionization to knock down any virus in the building."

Needless to say, everyone can be excited about the return. Mourning said, "We are ready to rock and roll."

Photo: Getty Images

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