Bobby Found A Strangers I.D. And Got It Returned Thanks To Instagram

Bobby Bones is just like any other normal human being. Bones and Eddie had a show in Austin for the Raging Idiots, they went to a karaoke bar after the show to hang out in one of their favorite towns. After the karaoke bar, they were riding around on scooters when they went to a gas station. In the gas station parking lot, Bones found a lost driver's license. It belonged to a female and the license was from another state. He was concerned that the person who lost the I.D. might have needed it for an upcoming flight.

Instead of sending the I.D. in the mail, he wanted to try and get it back to the person via social media in case it was urgently needed. After searching Instagram with the woman's name and having no luck, he posted on his Instagram Story a picture of the I.D. with the name and personal information blacked out. He hoped someone that knew the person on the I.D. would see it and help get it back to the owner.

Because the Internet is awesome, the owner was quickly found and messaged Bones. Apparently she was getting harassed on her Instagram from losing her I.D. based on Bones post so she thanked him for finding it and asked him to take down the Instagram Story.