The Latest Update On The 'Croc Gate' Has Some Show Members Very Happy

The segment that just keeps coming back. There's another development in the "Croc Gate" situation that went down on The Bobby Bones Show last week.

Last week, Raymundo and Lunchbox were disappointed after Bobby, Amy, and our producer Hillary received a pair of Luke Combs x Crocs collaboration shoes. The label had sent some to Bobby and Amy, which the guys weren't upset about. They were upset that Hillary got a pair when no one else (particularly them) didn't get a pair of the shoes. However, Hillary is the one who is the liaison between the show and artist's management and labels. So everyone else on the show agreed that she should be the one to receive the other pair of shoes.

However, when Hillary received another gift from Luke Combs and his team, Raymundo and Lunchbox were upset again. So the situation got brought up yet again. Thankfully, Crocs came in to the rescue. They sent Morgan2 an email sharing that they heard the segment going down on air and they wanted to help. They would send a pair of crocs to anyone on the show who didn't originally get them.