What we will give up for a dream vacation!

While romance and a lil 'sumpin sumpin' is in the cards for most people today thanks to Valentine’s Day, it seems a lot of people would rather skip the time in the sack altogether if it means getting to on a great getaway.

A new British poll, which could easily translate here, finds that 33% of folks would be willing to forgo sex for an entire month if it meant being able to take their dream vacation, although some people are certainly more willing than others. In fact, women are way more willing to sacrifice sex for a vacation (38%), than their male counterparts (28%).

And sex isn’t the only thing they’re willing to give up for that dream getaway. Believe it or not, 40% of folks would give up their personal grooming habits, like shaving or makeup, for that ultimate getaway, although only 14% of women are keen to do it, as compared to 23% of men. Meanwhile 10% of folks would give up showering for a month, although again, men (13%) are more willing to go that far than women (6%).

Source: Yahoo Finance

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