Scotty’s Scoop: Sam Hunt Video for Body Like A Backroad

Sam Hunt just released the lyric video for his current single "Body Like A Back Road," and it's kinda a throwback. It includes old footage from mini bike races, from what seems to be the desert. Here is what Sam says about this new song:

"'Body Like A Back Road" is a song that I started several months ago when I was out on the road this past summer. It sat around for a little while and [I] just kind of had the chorus for it, went home for Christmas break and did inventory on some songs that I could put out this spring, and that was one that kept popping out. So I finished the song, and thought it would be a good, fun song that would fall in the category of [a] song like 'House Party' from the first record. I put out a couple heavier songs these past few months, so I wanted to lighten it up a little bit. And that's a song that I feel like the intentions were just to make you smile. And it kind of has a little wink to it. So it was fun to write, fun to sing, and work up in the studio."

Check it out below and let me know what you think the comment below!

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