Try These Things This Weekend To Make Your Relationship Stronger

There are plenty of couples who’ve stayed together and worked through their issues because of couples counseling, but it’s not for everyone. So if you’re having a tough time with your relationship and you want to work on your issues without talking to a stranger about them, here are some therapy alternatives that can strengthen your bond.

Go on a couples retreat - But it doesn’t have to be an actual getaway designed for couples going through a rough patch, it could just be a trip for you two, or a group vacay. The point is to get a change of scenery and some R and R, because research shows that traveling with your S.O. can leave you on a high and that “afterglow” can last for up to a month. So pack your bags!

DIY therapy at home - Check out some relationship self-help books or some courses online and make sure you’re working on communicating as a couple. You can work on your relationship without the help of a professional, but you have to be consistent and open minded about making things work.

Don’t forget about date nights - You know that spending time alone as a couple is important to keeping the spark alive, but life gets in the way and months go by without having a date night. Even if it’s just a glass of wine on the couch and a few minutes of quality time together, make it happen.

Find something you both enjoy - Sharing experiences will help connect in a new way, so find a class you’re both interested in, visit a museum together, or go for a hike - just do something you both think is fun and enjoy each other.


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