Video: Our Biggest Turn-Ons (In Bed)

When it comes to the bedroom, what turns someone on is totally subjective, and now a new video reveals just how different those turn-ons can be.

In case you missed it, a new episode of the “Keep it 100” video series has 100 people revealing the things that turn them on in the bedroom, and they range from the simple and innocent, to the kind of out there.

Among the more innocent turn-ons are things like “a sense of humor,” “intelligence,” the “simplicity of holding my hand,” and a “home-cooked meal,” with folks also listing body parts like arms, legs, teeth, muscles, eyes and jawlines, as well as things like tattoos, piercings and dyed hair.

Odder revelations include “man tears,” “girls into sword-based anime,” “leather, if it comes with a few chains,” “my boyfriend working on his car,” and a “thong with a bow tie, panties with a bow tie.” 

Check out the full video below. Warning, nothing too dirty in here, but you might want to turn the sound down or wear headphones at work! Just saying. 

Source: The Daily Mail

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