Things People Have Purchased While Drunk Or Stoned

It’s no secret people do stupid things when they are drunk and/or stoned. Some people will drunk dial their exes, while others will just make idiots of themselves, and then there are those people who like to do some shopping while under the influence and wind up with some very weird things.

Well, a bunch of people are confessing to the odd things they’ve purchased while drunk or stoned courtesy of a thread on the anonymous Whisper app, and they are pretty bizarre, and we have a feeling some people out there can totally relate.

Things people have purchased while drunk or stoned include:

  • “A ladder when I was high because I wanted to get higher.”
  • “$100 worth of Taco Bell.”
  • “The last time I was high I bought a Subway sandwich (honey oat foot long) with only jalapeños…nothing else.”
  • “I woke up to an email telling me I had been outbid on a car I was trying to buy on eBay.”
  • “I woke up from a night out to an email from Amazon confirming my order of … $65 worth of premium cat food…I don’t have a cat.”
  • “43 pairs of infant socks.”
  • “A bouncy castle.”
  • “A turtle, complete with tank and tank sand, live plants and little fish for it…my roommates were so confused.”
  • “Life sized Storm Trooper.”
  • “Bought access to five private porn sites…with my friend’s credit card.”
  • “I bought 13 pineapples.”
  • “I once picked up a $450 bar tab for all of my friends…on MY birthday. Didn’t realize it until the next day.”
  • “Tampons and pads…BTW I’m a guy.”
  • “56 bags of Doritos, cleared my local 7-11 out. They still remember me.”
  • “I was high and I bought one (bleeping) brussel sprout. One. And I named it Jennifer.”

Source: Whisper

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