The Most Popular Items Sold At Walmart In Each State

If you ever thought New Jersey was filled with a bunch of muscle-filled knuckleheads, you may not be entirely incorrect. According to a recent report about Walmart shoppers, it turns out folks in the Garden State really do love their workouts. Turns out in NM, we like GOLF BALLS. Yeah, that's the biggest thing in NM. Who would have thought. I would have guessed green or red chili or salsa!

A breakdown of the most popular items sold at Walmart in each state shows that dumbbells are the hot seller for folks in New Jersey. But residents of Frank Sinatra’s home state aren’t the only ones with odd preferences.

  • For example, those in Massachusetts are also more athletically inclined, with tennis balls the most popular purchase, while in Tennessee traffic cones are the most popular and Texans actually buy the most wedding invitations at Walmart. That's right, wedding invitations.
  • As you can imagine, food is also pretty popular with Walmart shoppers, and those in Oregon purchase the most Chex Mix, while folks in Nevada can’t get enough of canned pumpkin, and shoppers in South Dakota love lemon cake.
  • Meanwhile, some states make healthier purchases, like California, where the allergy med Zyrtec is the most popular thing purchased, and Delaware, where they buy a ton of vitamins and medicine.

As for the most popular Walmart purchases overall, those include mulch, microwaves, pillows and vacuums.

Other popular Walmart purchases per state include:

  • New Mexico – Golf balls
  • North Carolina - electric knives
  • Chicago - puzzle storage
  • Ohio – Hatchanimals
  • Louisiana – raisins
  • Maine – peanut butter & jelly
  • Michigan – life jackets
  • South Carolina – garage door openers
  • Washington – Starbursts
  • Virginia – Ramen noodles

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Source: Business Insider

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