Being Forgetful Could Mean You’re Smart

Next time you find yourself wandering into the kitchen wondering what in the world you came in there for, don’t get frustrated. It turns out, that forgetfulness is actually a sign of intelligence!

According to a study by the University of Toronto, having a perfect memory isn’t really a sign you’re super smart. Their research shows that remembering the big picture - not the tiny details - is actually better for your brain over time.

See, the part of our brain where our memories are stored, the hippocampus, will filter out less important details so we can remember more crucial stuff. And if our brain gets too overcrowded with details, it actually does it’s own clean sweep - getting rid of some old stuff to make room for new ones.

And now that we have Google, our memory doesn’t have to waste space remembering how to spell every word or what the capital of Wisconsin is - we only need to know how to use the Internet to find out the answer. So having an excellent memory is helpful for not losing your keys, but it doesn’t mean you’re less intelligent if you’re always looking for yours.

Source: MamaMia

Scotty Page

Scotty Page

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