Dating: When To Kiss and More Now-A-Days!

With the constant talk about Tinder hookups you’d think most people are jumping into the sack after the first date, but it turns out even the old rule of waiting until date three for a little nookie is a thing of the past. A new survey conducted by Groupon finds that on average, people would ideally wait until the eighth date before having sex, although men are looking for it by date five, and women are more likely to want to wait until date nine.

And people are even waiting longer for a little smooch. On average folks say they don’t kiss until the second date, with 45% of people saying they rarely or never kiss on the first date, while 17% admit they “always” kiss on date one, and 39% say they will if the date is successful.

Of course, a kiss isn’t going to even happen if you can’t make it through the first date, or even get one. Believe it or not, 10% of people say they’ve actually turned down a first date because they were unimpressed by the restaurant chosen. And once on a first date, many have had truly awful experiences. A third of people say a date has gone sour because the other party ate off their plate, drank from their glass or told them what to order. And for one in seven of those polled, they’ve’ been on a date that was bad they went to the bathroom and never came back.

But that's not the only way to get out of a first date. Those in the survey offered up some of the ways they've successfully bailed on a first date, and sadly we bet they are all too familiar to a lot of people. Best ways to get out of a date include:

  • Pretend to be ill
  • Have a friend text/call me
  • Pretend that you’re tired
  • Say you have plans afterward
  • Fake a phone call
  • Have your friend crash the date
  • Said I needed the bathroom, then never returned
  • Fake your period
  • Pet-related emergency
  • Try to disgust your date

Source: New York Post

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