Targets You Should Be Hitting For A Successful Relationship

There’s no doubt relationships are hard, and things would be much simpler if there were a specific set of rules about what needs to be done to make yours a success. Well, a new poll by Groupon set out to try and find out just that, and apparently there are some monthly targets we should all be trying to hit in order for our coupling to work out.

For example, random compliments are definitely important, with folks saying a person should issue at least five a month. To make a relationship work couples should also enjoy at least two meals out a month, as well as one night out at the movies. But those aren’t the only monthly targets people need to hit. Others include:

  • Three heart-to-hearts
  • Three days out
  • Two occasions of spending time with partner’s friends/family
  • Two nights to order in food
  • One surprise gift

And even if you think you’re in a good relationship, know that the other person may already be prepared for it to not work out. In fact, 30% of people say they already have a backup person should their current relationship end.

Source: New York Post

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