What Annoys Food Delivery People And How Not To Do It

Do you tip your food-delivery person well? You may want to evaluate how you’ve been treating your go-to delivery orders. Why? In a recent survey, a bunch of food delivery folks offered a list of annoying customer habits.

Pay attention so you don’t become an annoying customer (and if any of these fit you, well...STOP IT!).

  • If you happen to live in a difficult area to get to, like up a mountain, you shouldn’t tip like you live down the street.
  • Stop complaining about your order to the delivery driver; they don’t pack the food. Try calling the restaurant.
  • If you have a weird or broken buzzer, make sure to note that when you place your order. Otherwise it can delay your delivery and your delivery person.
  • Try not to treat your delivery person like a “peasant.”
  • Female delivery drivers are a thing, stop acting surprised that women are allowed to be delivery drivers.
  • If a little liquid spills in the bag, you’ll live, so maybe don’t get so annoyed.
  • If your restaurant closes at 11 PM try to order before 10:59 PM so your delivery person doesn’t have to work an extra half an hour.
  • Stop taking forever to answer your door.
  • One delivery person had to deliver a meal to a couple post coital. That was annoying.
  • Strange doesn’t cut it on this one, “It really is strange how many different smells people have in their apartments. Like odd popcorn, sour popcorn…”

For the complete list CLICK HERE!

Source: Food and Wine

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