Experiences Are More Important To Folks Than Stuff

When it comes to spending money in the new year, it seems as though a lot of people plan on prioritizing experiences over stuff. A new Expedia poll finds that 74% of all Americans would rather spend their money on experiences like travel, rather than buy products like clothes, electronics, jewelry, with Millennials particularly interested in experiences, with 65% currently saving money for travel.

As for where they plan to go, it seems social media is guiding their choices. In fact, 36% of those in Gen Z say they picked a travel destination after they saw it on social media, while 20% chose their hotel or destination just so they could get positive responses from followers on social media.

And apparently those in Gen Z will go to great lengths just to travel. Overall, 71% say they’d get a part-time job just to save money for a trip, while 25% have traveled alone in the past year. Travel is so important to some that 11% of respondents actually say they’ve postponed a breakup because they had a trip planned with their partner.

Source: Expedia

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