Does Sex Help You Sleep Better? Yesssss!

Research has shown us that there are all kinds of health benefits to having sex, like that it reduces stress and boosts your brainpower. But it turns out it can also help us sleep better and we could all use more of that.

Scientists think it’s all the hormones and feel-good chemicals that are released during sex, including oxytocin, dopamine, and vasopressin, that help us fall asleep and improve overall sleep quality. Oxytocin helps reduce stress, and vasopressin helps manage stress, so when that’s rushing through your body along with serotonin and prolactin after sexy time, you feel all relaxed and you might feel more like a nap than going for round two, that’s especially true for men.

A recent study on sex as sleep therapy finds more than 60% of participants who reached the big O during sex reported better overall sleep quality. And it works both ways, so getting good sleep can boost your libido.

Another study found that women who managed to get an extra hour of sleep a night had a 14% increase in the likelihood they’d engage in sexual activity.

 So getting more sleep CAN lead to having more sex, which leads to better sleep. Sounds like a win-win and something we should be doing

Scotty Page

Scotty Page

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