11 Signs It’s TRUE Love - And NOT Puppy Love!

You’re both holding the fort: Both of you put in equal effort and you don’t feel like you’re the only person trying to keep the relationship afloat. Both of you know where you stand with each other and really truly do everything in your power to be together, no matter what!

A few compromises are okay: You’re not afraid of making a few compromises now and then because your love is important to you. You don’t mind giving in a few times to keep the peace in the relationship. The best part is that all your sacrifices are acknowledged and reciprocated.

You’re each other’s safe haven: You always feel safe with him around! It feels like home when you’re with him. Both of you love and appreciate each other and don’t take the other person’s efforts for granted. You also continuously strive to be the best version of yourself for the sake of the relationship and the other person.

You show rather than tell: When we’re little, we were taught that actions speak louder than words. This holds true in this case as well. His actions, or rather, both your actions prove that you mean the world to each other. You both try to keep all your promises to each other and constantly show the other person how much they mean to you!

You’re different and that’s okay: No two people are the same and no two people can have the same point of view about everything. But it’s very important that two people in a relationship try to understand each other’s point of view. If you and your partner make this effort, know that your love is here to last 

You trust each other: Trust is an integral part of any relationship. If you trust him implicitly and he’s given you no reason not to, then know that your love is true love. You trust him because he has earned it which means your relationship is secure!

Your friends know!: Usually, people don’t introduce their partners to their friends, unless they are very serious about the relationship. If you’ve both made each other a part of all areas of your life, it goes to show that you’re in this for the long run.

It’s not just about sex: Sex isn’t just routine for you two… It’s a way of expressing intimacy and love. You don’t feel guilty indulging in your fantasies, on the contrary, you look forward to a time when it can be just the two of you!

Unconditional acceptance: There is complete and unconditional acceptance of each other. You both don’t try to change each other and accept each other’s flaws too, even if it annoys you a little. Both of you are equals in the relationship and respect each other!

You are a team: The two of you make an amazing team together, ready to take on the world. You always have each other’s backs and are the support system for the other one and you’d love for it to stay that way.

You fight fair: While fighting and arguing are inevitable, the two of you make sure to not cross the line and be hurtful. You fight to sort out issues, not to escalate them. Both of you are always sure that no matter how bad the argument has been, you’ll eventually work it out!

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