Pics: My Puppy Casey’s First Lake Trip

My Golden Retriever puppy Casey will turn a year old in 2 weeks. I can’t believe she is already a year. This weekend was her first lake trip to Elephant Butte Lake. She totally loves the water, at least at home. But at the lake she was kinda afraid of it at first running away from the waves. =-)) And then we started playing fetch with a stick and in no time she was a swimming machine. Yes, in the pic below of her swimming and looking like a seal, there is a stick in her mouth. She didn’t want to leave once she was comfortable.

It also didn’t take her long to get used to riding around the in the boat. And finding her spot under my feet in the driver’s seat.

And oh yeah, and she was good with a selfie while we were tubing. That’s my cousin Jaime out on the tube. What a fun pic that was and captured the weekend! (Don’t judge… but the driver’s seat is empty in that pic… it’s the seat on the left! Hey, I wanted to be in this fun pic too!)

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